About EA Media

Earth Angel Media (EAM) works on behalf of the Earth Angel whose simple goal is to be a catalyst for all things good in this Earth space. EAM deploys active and passive marketing measures to extend awareness of Earth Angel’s activities which include:

  • Coordination for and hosting of local and national live events,
  • Production and distribution of online broadcasts and programs, and
  • Marketing & sales consulting/strategies for Earth Angel and her strategic partners.
  • Creation of World Freedom Directory to help free people find each other for trade, business and friendship

Earth Angel is a private self-supported ministry exclusively engaged in the religious activities of the Order of the Earth Mother which advocates for the health, safety and preservation of the Earth Mother, all of Her sentient inhabitants, all living organisms, and everything related to bringing forth peace, love, joy and happiness.

Earth Angel is a tax-exempted entity under 26 US Code § 6033 (a)(3)(A)(iii).

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